Web & Application development

We do simple stuff, and we do more advanced things. For instance, we've done everything from software integrations, automated mails that give clients a direct price suggestion, and even apps like on-demand grocery delivery. We've even done an app where campus students get exclusive deals in their vincinity. Needless to say, our portfolio is wide.
For web development, in most cases, a software called WordPress will really do the trick most of the time. For apps, we use for instance one called React, that's developed by Facebook & used by giants like Netflix, Instagram & Uber.


Did you know, 38% of visitors will leave a website if they feel as if the website layout is unattractive? That's why we work super hard with branding, company colors and clever layout to ensure an enjoyable viewing experience. Also, thanks to Google, these things are measurable & monitorable. We help set these things up for our customers so they can improve on all flaws in the long run. A website, when analyzed the correct way, will help you improve itself, and continue to add more value over time.

Digital solutions

Whenever you're about to take a step towards a more digital & automated solutions, just know that you do not need to be on that journey alone. Regardless if you want to set up a totally new solution, or combine the platforms you're currently using in a more efficient way, we can do a thorough analysis and give you suggestions to how you can solve it the best way. Let us know what you want to achieve, and we'll guide you along the way.


Did you know, 54% of shoppers that has left their virtual cart will return and buy the products if they're given a discount? Therefore, it is important to know how to reach these people if they leave. A good ecommerce store has all these small details figured out, and when stacked up, they increase margins as if it's magic! We offer our customers a 360-degree support all the way from concept to succeed with their online presence.

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